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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Javabali.info : Interior design Hoem and apartment site

Javabali.info architecture and design consultant are interested at home design, office design, landscape design, interior design, etc and sketch design for your dreams ambiance of your rooms or buildings with Online internet.

To make real service on internet is not as easy as you think, we should prepeare the website to do that, and many other kind of preperation as well.
Our object are to make good services and to make best , fast, and can do on your country even our team are minimalist design, traditional design, or mixuse of them. How to give you fast services with teleconference, and distance can’t be problem any more.SOur office will setting huge television at meeting room, and when our client want to ask somethings , they can ask with teleconference as well. We want to use Skype as media to make tele conference as well.
Needs to us to know your site condition with dimension your site, boundary environtment, your direction on site and what design concept do you want (minimalist design, traditional design, or mixuse) You can give that information from take the picture and sent to our email.

Phase of designing
Interior design and architecture design
There are phase of designing for interior design :
1. Our client give to us there are necessary of furniture, plan room or plan house
2. We make agreement after we know your site picture and position in the map
3. We make layout drawing and perspective sketch (pra-design phase)
4. We make detail drawing (perspective drawing, façade) furniture or building (house) architecture it continue to designing structure drawing (development-design phase)
5. We make estimation budgeting its depent of in your location
6. We make DED (Detailed Engineering Drawing) or shop drawing
7. Built it in your site*
8. Fit-out

*As long your site in Java and surrounding in Bali we can to built.

Our service

Phase and procentace of design:

1. Idea sketch : 12 %
2. pra - design : 18 %
3. development - design : 25 %
4. DED – detail drawing : 30 %
5. Estimate of Budget : 5 %
6. Monitoring : 10 %
Total : 100 %

Time of designing
1. Conseptual of design : 3 weeks or until we make agreement between us and our client
2. DED- drawing : 3 weeks
3. Specification of materials and Estimate of budget
: 2 weeks

- Distance of time can be change after agreement between us and our client
- Time of work will be start after signing specification and fee of design this letter.
- Time of work is not include addendum work or revision drawing.

Note : Sketch idea and pra – design phase it have done last 1 month early.

Term of pay
1. 12 % from fee of planning as we agreement
2. 20 % from fee of planning as we agreement will pay when pra-design drawing to give
3. 25 % from fee of planning as we agreement will pay when development – design drawing to give
4. 35 % from fee of planning as we agreement will pay when all our work have done.

Annulment of agreement
1. Annulment of agreement with Javabali.info architecture + design consultant so The client just to pay what the job description have done
2. Annulment of agreement from The client side, so we have a rule:
- annulment of agreement when sketch idea and conceptual design phase so The client mus be pay
15 %
- annulment of agreement when pra-design phase soThe client must be pay 35 %
- annulment of agreement when development – design phase soThe client must be pay 60 %
- annulment of agreement when DED drawing phase soThe client must be pay 85 %

Product of our service
a. 1 set, format A3 when conceptual of drawing and pra-design with pdf format.
b. 3 image 3D interior, and 3 image 3D exterior
c. 1 set information of specification materials and Estimate of Budget soft copy from all the product design.

List of design - drawing

Sketch of idea
Plan drawing 1 : 100
Perspective sketch depent on condition

Pra- design
Plan drawing 1 : 100
Façade drawing 1 : 100
Section drawing 1 : 100
Block Plan 1 : 200

Development - design
Plan drawing 1 : 50
Façade drawing 1 : 50
Section drawing 1 : 50
Roof plan drawing 1 : 50
Plafond and point of lamp plan drawing 1 : 50
Door plan 1 : 50
Floor plan 1 : 50
Water clean plan drawing 1 : 50
Sanitary plan drawing 1 : 50
Utility plan drawing 1 : 50
Landscape plan drawing 1 : 50

Detail Drawing
Entrance detail 1 : 20
Roof detail 1 : 20
Façade detail 1 : 20
Utility detail 1 : 20
Sanitary detail 1 : 20
Bathroom detail 1 : 20
Interior detail 1 : 20
Structure detail 1 : 20

*All of the document with PDF format

Specification materials and Estimate Budget

The above drawing will be change appropriate the necessary

Best regards
Architecture + design consultant


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